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Online Repair Training Courses

Basic Class

  1. 2010-2020 MacBook models and motherboard configuration introduction

  2. Introduce the MacBook motherboard diagram and architecture

  3. Use of circuit diagrams and explanation of special names

  4. Explain the control circuit of the charging chip, power chip, SMC, T1, the T2 chip

  5. Explanation of common faults and maintenance methods of MacBook

Intermediate Class

  1. Explain the various power supply methods for MacBook 

  2. Explanation of working conditions of SMC, PCH, TPS51980, ISL6259, ISL9239 chips​

  3. MacBook Air A1466 standby timing analysis

  4. MacBook Air A1466 power-on timing analysis

  5. MacBook Pro A1706 Type_C 5V-20V boost circuit analysis

  6. Repair method for MacBook 5V-20V with T1 chip not boosting

  7. MacBook Pro A1989 T2 chip 5V-20V boost circuit explanation

  8. 2018-2020 MacBook standby circuit with T2 chip explained

  9. 2018-2020 T2 chip MacBook power-on circuit explanation

  10. T2 chip model restoring error codes 4005, 4013, 4014, 9, and other code repair methods

  11. MacBook with TC chip can not enter DFU mode repair method

  12. Repair method for MacBook 5V-20V with T2 chip not boosting

  13. Judging the failure of the motherboard by looking at the ammeter and sharing experience

Advanced Class

  1. Repair ideas for MacBook not turning on

  2. Repair ideas for MacBook power failure 

  3. Repair ideas for MacBook not charging 

  4. Repair ideas for the display part of MacBook

  5. Repair ideas for MacBook peripheral problems

  6. MacBook upgrade memory 8G, 16G, and upgrade NAND method

  7. MacBook repair cases and maintenance experience sharing


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